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Creative Graduates and Creative Cities: Exploring the Geography of Creative Education in the UK

Roberta COMUNIAN and Alessandra FAGGIAN
IJCCI volume 1, issue 2, March 2014

Increasing attention has been placed on the role of universities in the creative economy. In particular, as more and more cities claim their creative and cultural value, it is important to consider what role universities can play in shaping and fostering this value. Taking in consideration the broader literature about universities’ contribution to local and national economies, the present paper focuses on their interconnection with the creative economy and creative industries. Linking the emerging discourses on the creative economy with the one on urban development, we adopt the concept of the creative city as the manifestation of these creative and cultural activities at the urban level. Using student micro-data collected by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) in the United Kingdom the paper highlights the role of universities in attracting graduates in creative disciplines to study in specific cities and maps their ability to retain this talent and to offer them work opportunities in the creative sector.


Keywords: Creative graduates, Creative city, Talent, Higher education, University, Human capital


Category: Academic Research