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Product Design in Brand Extensions: The Impact of Brand and Category Fit on Attitudes and Purchase Intentions via Affective and Cognitive Routes

Yi Sheng GOH, Veena CHATTARAMAN, and Sandra FORSYTHE
IJCCI volume 1, issue 2, March 2014

This study investigates the influence of two critical design components of brand extension strategy, product-brand fit (i.e. the extent to which a product design is congruent with the brand image) and productcategory fit (i.e. the degree to which a product is prototypical of a product category) on the formation of consumers’ product attitudes and purchase intentions. The study investigates the underlying mechanisms for attitude formation through the mediation of affect and cognition and the moderation of brand familiarity and gender-based innate design preferences. Results obtained from structural equation modeling (SEM) demonstrate that both product-brand fit and product-category fit assert significant effects on new product attitude and these effects are completely mediated by consumer’s affective and cognitive responses. Additionally, results from ANOVA demonstrated that the effect of product-brand fit on new product attitude varies as a function of brand familiarity, with product-brand fit asserting a positive effect on product attitude for the familiar but not the unfamiliar brand.


Keywords: Brand extension, Product-brand fit, Product-category fit, Affect, Cognition


Category: Academic Research