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Mongolian Circus Industry in the Post-transitional Economy

IJCCI volume 1, issue 2, March 2014

Circus has its long-standing history in Mongolian entertainment industry. It had a rapid growth and became a prominent cultural identity during the socialist period. However, the social and economy transition in the 1990s has put a halt on all industry sectors, including the circus. The challenge of market economy and privatization has left most of the circus talents perplexed. They lost their stable income and amenities which were the granted luxuries during the socialist regimes. This article illustrates the historical development of Mongolian circus, identifies its challenges and opportunities in a post-transitional economy, and proposes consolidation of strategies as a way to push the Mongolian circus industry to the next level.


Keywords: Circus industry, Cultural and creative industries development, Developmental strategies,
Mongolia, Post-transitional economy


Category: Industry Insight