Current Issue

Designerly Ways of Exploring Crowds

Jie LI, Arnold P. O. S. VERMEEREN, and Huib de RIDDER
IJCCI volume 2, issue 1, November 2014

In this article, we present examples of using designerly ways to explore “crowd” phenomenon in a cross-disciplinary project named EWiDS. The phrase ‘designerly ways’ refers to visual communication methods such as drawings and videos, which are widely acknowledged as effective approaches to crossdisciplinary collaboration. This study started with designerly ways of exploring crowd experience and crowd management. Three crowd situations, public transportation, outdoor event, and indoor event, were selected as representative crowds that are distinguishable by crowd size, level of interaction, and emotional intensity. Current activities and problems in these crowds were visualized, and some possible solutions were presented as scenarios. These visualizations and scenarios were used as conversation stimulators in a plenary meeting of EWiDS and received positive feedback on their effectiveness in assisting project members in communication.


Keywords: Designerly ways, Crowd, Visual communication

Category: Academic Research