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Preserving Cultural Product Knowledge: The Design Characteristics and Intangible Qualities of Malay Traditional Hand-combat Artifact

SITI MASTURA Md Ishak, RAHMAH Bujang, and NOR AZLIN Hamidon
IJCCI volume 2, issue 1, November 2014

Expanding the richness of explicit and tacit knowledge of early invented artifacts has great potential as a new approach in the commercial creative industry. In Malaysia, this knowledge context has spurred a growing interest in the cultural design intelligence of traditional Malay inventors. This has led scholars towards preserving and establishing product knowledge in a new cultural environment. This paper provides an understanding of the philosophy behind the design characteristics and functional application of a Malay hand combat artifact called Lawi Ayam, as it promotes both aesthetics of use and physical appearance. Information collected from artifacts and the perceived views of artifact experts through analytical and cognitive assessment of product classification is useful to understand the user experience. The paper also highlights the practical and functional identification of the explicit and tacit properties of this artifact as an assertion of traditional Malay-world analogical thinking. It seeks to promote the hidden traditional creative knowledge in the global cultural tourism industry. The offers a holistic understanding based on value analysis and explores the tradition of early concepts.

Keywords: Design philosophy, Malay, Lawi Ayam, Hand combat artifact, User experience

Category: Academic Research