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A Survey of 2013 Taipei Citizens’ Cultural Consumption

Yi-Ping LIN
IJCCI volume 2, issue 1, November 2014

Cultural consumption surveys, one of the Taipei City Cultural Indicators, are designed to understand the consumption and participation of Taipei citizens above 15 years old in activities related to mass communication, visual arts, performing arts, cultural and arts institutions and facilities, cultural and folklore festivals, and travel and tourism. This survey was carried out in 2013 with 2,002 valid samples collected. The present study uses stratified random sampling to conduct computer-assisted telephone interviews on Taipei citizens above age 15 with a confidence level of 95%. The results of the analysis indicate a general decline in Taipei citizens’ cultural participation. Since cultural participation and cultural consumption are very much affected by the political environment, economic climate, social situation and technological development, long-term observation and analysis of cultural consumption patterns is required.

Keywords: Taipei citizen, Cultural participation, Cultural consumption, Cultural statistics, Cultural

Category: Glocal Perspective



Note from the IJCCI Editorial Team:

This article was previously published in a local Taiwan-based《國民教育》月刊 in Chinese on September 2014 with the title 「台北市民2013年文化消費調查研究」under the same authorship (link). The author has received permission from the 《國民教育》月刊 to republish the English translation of the article in the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries.