Current Issue

Call for Papers

IJCCI Editors

The International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries is calling for papers for its upcoming Spring
2016 issue. The journal aims to provide its readers with scholarly works, case studies, and dialogues related
to issues concerning the theoretical developments as well as professional practices in the field of cultural
and creative industries.

Cultural and creative industries is an emerging field of study which has its roots on human knowledge, culture,
and creativity. As industry development can only be made possible with the synergy from academics,
industry, government, and independent agents related to the industry, we would like to invite submissions
which cover the theoretical development and empirical studies, the local industry practices in each sector
of cultural and creative industries, also stories, ideas, and reviews about the implementations of strategies
of policies in developing the cultural and creative sectors.

The International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries accepts manuscript submissions in the following

• Empirical articles: manuscripts focusing on theoretical development and empirical data analysis
(6000-8000 words)

• Case studies: case studies portraying the local industry practices (4000-6000 words)

• Glocal perspectives: reviews, commentaries, or stories on local policies, initiatives, and actions
which could inspire the development of cultural and creative industries (2000-4000 words)


Full papers along with 3-5 keywords should be submitted by 15 August 2015 to:

Dr. Ding-Bang LUH
Editor-in-Chief—International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries