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Away from the Shanzhai-route: Intellectual Property Rights in China

Alex van EGMOND
IJCCI volume 2, issue 3, July 2015

Since 2010, China's policy is aimed at going from an imitation to an innovation economy. For decades however, imitation in the Shanzhai-economy1 has been the dominant strategy for most Chinese businesses – due to poor government efforts in enforcing Intellectual Property laws. This calls in the question if a healthy creative industry can exist in China without protection of Intellectual Property Rights. In answer, this paper thus explores the Shanzhai2 phenomenon, its origins and the challenges that face China's economy and its creative industries today. It concludes that the challenges are going to be tough, but must be unavoidable tackled if China's creative industries want to flourish.

Keywords: China, Counterfeiting, Shanzhai, Intellectual property rights, Creative industries


Category: Glocal Perspective




1 山寨經濟
2 山寨