Current Issue

Editorial Remarks

I am delighted to welcome you to the third volume of the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries, with a special welcome to Professor Fong-Gong Wu as the new advisor for the journal. We would like to thank our former advisor, Professor Feng-Tyan Lin, for his contributions in the first three years of our operation. The journal has grown into an international platform of discussions and knowledge exchange supported by experts from various disciplines and backgrounds.

We are currently in our trial implementation of review in authors’ native languages and we would like to take this opportunity to invite reviewers who are fluent in English and other languages to join IJCCI’s review committees. Applications may be sent to In this issue we feature articles on important and interesting topics in cultural and creative industries (CCI) on creative talents, deep pocket markets, creative reinvention of cultural traditions, creative cities, among others. We would like to thank the editors, authors, and reviewers for their time and effort in making this publication happen and maintaining such a high level of quality.


The next exciting event that the journal will take part in this coming year is the 2016 International Service Innovation Design Conference (2016 ISIDC) on 1-5 November 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. According to the Mirror Theory I invented in 2014, the conference plans to combine a workshop, keynote, and plenary sessions, and doctoral colloquium in a family-friendly tour conference format. This will be a unique conference experience that no one should miss. We would like to invite all of you to join. Selections to present at the 2016 International Service Innovation Design Conference will be made based on 250-word abstract proposals which should be received by 30 January 2016. Proposals for workshops are welcomed until 1 March 2016. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Ding-Bang LUH