Current Issue


It is my privilege and pleasure as the Dean of College of Planning and Design of National Cheng Kung University to take over the responsibilities of advisor for the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries. In continuing its tradition, the journal will continue to encourage interdisciplinary discussions, research work, case studies, idea propositions, local projects, and initiatives that support the development of cultural and creative industries (CCI). CCI is one of the sectors where interdisciplinary collaborations, creativity, and innovation occur. Taking my background in design and medical equipment as an example, I hope that more topics on healthy aging, design and health, and other topics that promote the quality of life can be openly discussed in this publication. Our vision is to have the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries as one of the few platforms that enables progressive discussions by scholars, professionals, policymakers, and independent thinkers of different backgrounds to take place, with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of life through culture, creativity, and innovation. Our journal will continue to share such works with our worldwide audience.

In the coming years, we will continue improving the journal’s content and creative contributions to society. One of our short-term plans is to encourage more partnerships with other journals and organizations to host and support future events that stimulate interdisciplinary discussions related to culture, creativity, and innovation in different fields of study. We are happy to announce that the journal will support the 2016 International Service Innovation Design Conference (2016 ISIDC) to be held in Chiang Mai on 1-5 November 2016. This conference series is a joint initiative started in 2006 by universities in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Today it continues to grow and engage other countries in Asia (Malaysia in 2014 and Thailand in 2016) to represent Asia’s contributions to the world’s development of service innovation design.


I would like to personally thank the reviewers, members of IJCCI Editorial team, and the community of scholars who have given their continuous support to the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries. We are presenting our third volume and would be more than happy to hear any constructive feedback that helps improve our journal. We hope that our publications stimulate more studies and creative projects that expand the range of discussions and drive the wheels of CCI development.


Fong-Gong WU

Journal Advisor