Current Issue

Branding Strategy of a Young Brand in a Traditional Industry

Yi Sheng GOH, Revina Natasya KIRAN, Yuan-Ran LI, and Si-Ping LIN
IJCCI volume 3, issue 1, November 2015

The traditional industry in Taiwan is in transition as production lines move to China and the slowing economy in Taiwan. Many firms are counting on branding to revitalize. GuangFuHao1, a canvas bag brand in Tainan, is among the thriving brands. This research explores: (1) How does a young brand position itself in the competitive market? (2) How does it differentiate itself through product design? (3) How does it communicate with its target market? Qualitative techniques are used in both the data collection and analysis. An in-depth interview was conducted with the manager of GuangFuHao. This research finds that GuangFuHao focuses on functional and symbolic brand concepts and conveys inheritance and fine craftsmanship through high quality products that incorporate cultural elements. It has also changed its workers’ images as master craftsmen – not laborers – and its salary system. Furthermore, GuangFuHao relies on publicity and word-of-mouth for brand communication. The research findings serve as references for other ventures in similar circumstances.


Keywords: Brand positioning, Brand management, Product design, Brand communication, Small and medium enterprises