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Prospect of Penang as a Creative city: A Conceptual Discussion

Nicole CHANG, Suet Leng KHOO, and Nurwati BADARULZAMAN
IJCCI volume 3, issue 1, November 2015

Due to global competition among emerging cities, Penang is facing threats in maintaining its current position and retaining its talent. Penang has to transform itself for the future of its people and economy. The listing of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is an impetus to develop Penang into a Creative City where heritage and culture could play an integral role. Strategizing approaches to foster local creative and cultural industries to build branding as a Creative City is critical. This paper discusses the prospects for Penang as a Creative City by examining its internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its external opportunities and threats. Both quantitative and qualitative evidence derived from extensive literature review are tabulated in a SWOT matrix. Results revealed Penang’s potential as a Creative City. This paper concludes by arguing that the key to success is cautious planning and implementation to minimize the problems created by a Creative City strategy such as gentrification and the threat of global cultural homogenization.


Keywords: Penang, Prospect, Creative City