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Cultural Creative Industries Policies in Urban Networks: Case Study Design for Research on the Six Municipalities in Taiwan

Hsiao-Ling CHUNG
IJCCI volume 3, issue 3, July 2016

The focus of cultural creative industries policy has centered on urban infrastructure building to facilitate a city-based creative economy. This approach signifies increased interactions between policy stakeholders, involving city authorities, local enterprises, and communities, termed the ‘CCI Policy Urban Network’ (CPUN) in this paper. Taking the six municipalities in Taiwan as the empirical context, this research focuses on the overlooked issues of how the major stakeholders adapt in such networks. This paper identifies key components of a research methodology designed to address the complexity of stakeholder adaptation, involving document review and in-depth interviews with policy makers, industry, and community representatives. The empirical work finished with a focus group study of the interviewed policy makers, to verify and refine the collected data. An analytical framework based on creative ecology theory is then proposed.

Keywords: Creative ecology, Creative city, Case study, Cultural and creative industries policy, Qualitative research design, Policy network


Category: Academic Research