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Multiversity: Exploring Talent Development Program for Innovation and Cross-sector Industry Growth

Marina GUO
IJCCI volume 3, issue 3, July 2016

With the burning challenges in China’s urbanization and recent movement of mass innovation and entrepreneurship in China, the changing learning landscape and competence model of the most demanded talent urges for institutional innovation in creating something new out of the box, which also tackled the barriers in the development of cultural creative industries. The common industry concern and bottleneck appeared to be the lack of talent with innovation leadership and entrepreneurship. ‘Innovation Leadership’ is found the most demanded characteristic for today’s talents. The gap for the most demanded talents particular in tech-led cultural tourism sector, called as ‘cultural planning producer’, needs to be filled with well-researched, all-rounded talent development program with innovative approaches. Emerging as a unique institution that has the diversity of knowledge offerings to talent and society, Multiversity embraces the multi-linkage of a wide range of stakeholders in business ecosystem as well as people of all age groups and professions, which can serve to bridge the gap. Taking Huashan Multiversity’s Executive Development Program (EDP) as an example, how talent development program could serve as one of the key solutions in shaping the innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurship and sustainable cultural development is illustrated. A number of experiments in creating a new learning environment and sharing community for collaboration were conducted in the pilot project ‘EDP Cultural Spaces in Urbanization’, the result of which offers new concepts of immersive learning, modern mentorship, innovation task force and high-potential talent program for future studies.

Keywords: Multiversity, Talent development, Innovation ecosystem, Cultural space, Entrepreneurship

Category: Glocal Perspective