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Rites of Passage for Contemporary Art Prizes on the Internet: The experience of Celeste Network

Steven MUSIC
IJCCI volume 3, issue 3, July 2016

Celeste Network is an online community for contemporary artists, established in response to the growing needs of a platform to showcase artists to a wider audience on the internet. The network organizes international prizes every year, including the Celeste Prize, for arts (since 2006), Visible White Photo for photography (since 2012), and Premio Celeste, which is dedicated to work by Italian artists (2004-2014). The online network successfully moved its activities to real-world exhibitions in major cities like London, New York, Berlin, Rome, Venice, and Milan. Since its establishment in 2007, the online community has gathered more than 70,000 members, including artists and arts professionals, and maintained a stream of 8000 visits from art enthusiasts daily. This paper is the founder’s reflection on the philosophy, key milestones and factors behind the successful establishment of Celeste Network. By setting a strong shared interest, maintaining virtual credibility and real-world presence through exhibitions, the network sustains and continues to grow as the fastest-growing and the largest online community for contemporary artists to date.

Keywords: Arts prize, Celeste Network, Contemporary artists, Online network

Category: Glocal Perspective