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Editorial Remarks

Cultural and creative industries (CCI) may be grouped into three categories: content industries, platform industries, and design industries. Based on their attributes, content industries are either space-based (such as craft industries and publication industries) or time-based industries (broadcasting and performance arts). Content is king, the ultimate subject of consumer purchases. Platform industries serve as stages for content to be seen, or bridges for connecting with audiences. Although design industries comprise only a small portion of the overall CCI, contributing low revenues in relative terms, like a movie director, they are critical to the success of CCI productions. Audiences may never see the director throughout the entire movie, yet they know that the director is the key to integrating the disparate parts of a film into a sensible whole. It is the director who defines meanings and gives the finished product its personality and spirit. Despite its importance, design is crucial yet less emphasized in CCI studies.

CCI may be included in the tertiary sector, and be seen as a high precision service industry. At the turn of this century, experience design received great attention, becoming increasingly popular. Experiences are intangible commercial goods and a key ingredient in value-added activities. Experiences are a core product of CCI and a major vehicle for CCI delivery. To address the issue of service design in CCI and to celebrate the third anniversary of the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries (IJCCI), we collaborated with the Chinese Institute of Design, Taiwan, to co-organize the International Service Innovation Design Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the themes of “Cultural Innovation” and “Life Design”.

IJCCI would like to take this opportunity to send our warmest regards to our audiences, authors, reviewers, and editorial staff. IJCCI is also looking forward to receiving articles on high precision service industrial design, cultural innovation, and life design. We would like to bring ideas for better ways to our audiences and to policymakers and project developers around the world.
IJCCI wishes you a fruitful, productive, and creative new year!



Ding-Bang LUH