Current Issue

The Role of Place in Creative Economy: The Case of Varanasi

Deepanjan SAHA and Joy SEN
IJCCI volume 4, issue 1, November 2016

In recent past, culture has been acknowledged as a driver for development; with creativity and innovation being accorded as new engines of growth. However, the relationship between creativity and economics through deep culture studies remains less understood. Place also plays an important role in the dynamics of cultural economics. This paper tries to explore the symbiotic inter-relationship between place, culture, and economy. For the purpose of the study, the historic city of Varanasi in India has been selected as an empirical case – it being a living repository of many cultural dimensions, particularly, traditional art and crafts. Both the measures of concentration – by share of employment and spatial clustering – have been identified for cultural and creative industries in Varanasi District. Further, their spatial distribution has been mapped broadly so as to identify the dominant clustering pattern; thus, noting the role of place in shaping the cultural and creative industrial sector.


Keywords: Creative Economy, Cultural and creative industries, Place, Spatial clustering

Category: Industry Insight