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The Geography of the Creative Economy in Europe’s Northern Periphery: A Case Study from the West of Ireland

Patrick COLLINS, James CUNNINGHAM, and Aisling MURTAGH
IJCCI volume 4, issue 2, March 2017

Our intention here is to contribute to the growing body of work that is shining a light on the nature of creative economies in non-urban settings. By focusing on the west of Ireland, a predominantly rural region, we first gauge the presence of the creative economy through an analysis of the creative industries working out of the region. Concentrating on the geography of creative activities at the regional level helps highlight the complex and nuanced inspirations and narratives behind location decisions and working conditions in the creative sector of a peripheral European region. Our findings provide evidence of a significant creative sector in this region, sharing traits with how rural creative industries have been characterized in terms of the active role of place. We identify a diverse sector, composed of more traditional sub sectors such as craft, but also digital and technologically driven creative sub sectors. The evidence indicates a creative sector with complex spatial and socio-economic dynamics exists in this region. This complex relationship is explored by understanding how creatives in the west of Ireland use their location as an inspiration as well as how they transcend peripherality through networking and more communal approaches to production.


Keywords: Creative economy, Place, Peripheral regions, Spatial patterns, Policy, West of Ireland

Category: Academic Research