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Arts, Antiques, and Craft Businesses Locational Choice: The Case of George Town, Penang

Soondoos MOHD. ZAHRY, Suet Leng KHOO, and Nurwati BADARULZAMAN
IJCCI volume 4, issue 2, March 2017

Creative industries have been identified as a new engine of growth in the Historic City of George Town. Based on the Pillars of Creativity framework, the main contribution of this study is to profile the arts, antiques, and crafts businesses in George Town and identify factors that shape the locational choices of creative industry firms in the city. Interviews with the owners of thirty arts, antiques, and crafts businesses in George Town revealed that human capital, technology, tolerance, education, amenities and infrastructure, and governance are the factors considered in locating creative industries in a city. Out of these six, this study identified tolerance and governance as being the more dominant and influential factors.


Keywords: Creative industry, culture, city, location, New Economy

Category: Industry Insight