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Nigeria’s ‘Ink’ Economy: Positioning the Creative Writer for Glocal Value Creation and Extraction

Allwell Okechukwu NWANKWO
IJCCI volume 4, issue 2, March 2017

The creative worker is an integral part of the new economy driven by the creative industries. In the concentric circles model of the creative industries, the creative worker is situated within the “bull’s eye” or the core creative fields at the center of the model. This strategic positioning underscores the importance of the creative worker, whose intellectual exertions yield copyrightable products. This paper explores the work of the Nigerian creative writer as a content creator with potential to satisfy the demand of the local literary scene and the opportunity to capture significant value from the global marketplace. The paper discusses the economics, constraints and prospects of the creative writer’s craft in Nigeria. Based on the identified challenges, it proposes the institutionalization of creative writing programs in universities, the establishment of an intervention fund to support creative writing and the strengthening of the intellectual property protection ecosystem in Nigeria.


Keywords: Nigeria, Creative writer, Creative worker, Creative economy, Creative industries, Creative writing

Category: Industry Insight