Current Issue

The Identification and Distribution Patterns of Creative Hubs in Bandung

Ratu Azima MAYANGSARI and Fajar Ajie SETIAWAN
IJCCI volume 4, issue 2, March 2017

The emergence of creative hubs around the world, including in Bandung, was primarily driven by the needs of collaborative-innovative spaces for creative industry activities such as the Maker Movement and the Co-working Movement. These activities pose challenges for identification and formulation of sets of indicators for modeling creative hubs and their distribution patterns in Bandung to help stakeholders in formulating strategies. This study intends to map the creative hubs in Bandung and identifies their characteristics and distribution pattern. This research was conducted using a qualitative approach comparing two concepts of creative hub categorization and integrating them into a single instrument to analyze 12 selected creative hubs. The study also maps 42 creative hubs in Bandung and identifies their distribution patterns. Our results showed three new functions of creative hubs in Bandung: (1) cultural, (2) retail business, and (3) community network. Results also suggest that creative hubs in Bandung are commonly established for networking and community activities with distribution clustered in Cibeunying, and none in Arcamanik, Ujungberung, and Derwati.


Keywords: Distribution Pattern, Creative Hubs, Bandung

Category: Glocal Perspective