Submission Guidelines

Submitting Articles in Foreign Languages

(Trial Implementation: 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016)


International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries will review articles written in author's native language with the supplement of English abstracts. Accepted articles should be translated into English prior to publication. As a start, we would like to welcome articles written in Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian. Please follow IJCCI's Submission Guideliness for styling and reference format.


The journal would like to welcome translations of articles originally published in authors' native languages for the Glocal Perspective section. Manuscript should be submitted together with the permission of republication from the previous publishers.


Submitting your manuscript

All submissions to the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries must be original and has not been published nor under consideration in other journals.

Submit online: All submissions have to be done through the online submission system provided in

Format and length: Manuscripts should be 6000-8000 words for Academic Research section, 4000-6000 words for Industry Insight section, and 2000-4000 words for Glocal Perspective section.The length including notes, references, and appendices. Manuscript should be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt, with an abstract of no more than 150 words and six keywords.

Reference format: References should follow the APA style and presented as an inline citation in the text. The full list of reference should be presented at the end of the paper. Footnotes are not accepted. For guidelines about referencing in APA format, please click the following link

File format: Manuscript texts should be in Microsoft Word file (maximum 4 MB in size) with tables and figures embedded within the document.

Figure and tables: Figure and tables captions should be numbered in Arabic numerals and titles should contain no more than 12 words. If it is not possible to embed figures or tables in the text, they can be presented in separate file with clear title and location in the main text.

Language: The language of writing must be in English (U.S.).

Anonymity: All submissions should be anonymous; authors’ names and affiliations should be excluded from the title, abstract, and text.

Style and template: Authors should follow the style template and complete guidelines for IJCCI. Click here to download format and guidelines.

Review Process

Procedures: International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries hopes that both reviewers and authors are kindly requested to cooperate with International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries in a timely manner. All manuscripts will undergo the following review procedures.

Initial screening: Each manuscript will be evaluated by Editor-in-Chief for topic and content relevancy to International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries. 
Peer review: Manuscripts that pass the initial screening will be assigned to a minimum of two external reviewers.
Recommendation: Based on the referees' comments, Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript. For manuscripts accepted with and without revisions, revision processes are subject to authors’ and reviewers’ convenience but must not exceed 3 months.
Journal publication: Final formatting and graphic editing for journal publication.

Double-blind review: The journal employs the double-blind peer review process. Both reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the review process.
Criteria: All submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

Robustness of methodology/case study/idea
Contributions to the field of cultural and creative industries
Relevance to cultural and creative industries

Recommendation: Based on the evaluation from the reviewers, there will be five categories of recommendations.

Accept Submission
Revisions Required
Resubmit for Review
Resubmit Elsewhere
Reject Submission