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The Role of Curator in Postmodern Epoch: A Manager, A Leader, An Innovator or All?

Gonca ASLAN and Cagri BULUT
IJCCI volume 1, issue 3, July 2014

This paper approaches the concept of contemporary curation and the role of the curator in the postmodern epoch from management point of view. In this paper, curators are considered not only as intermediary or agency, but also as a manager, a leader and an innovator. Thus, this hybrid position attribute a new meaning to the curator, being multi-faceted persona. In order to discover brand new identity of the curator; postmodern epoch, the different roles and competencies of curators will be discussed in an elaborate manner from a managerial perspective.


Keywords: Curator, Postmodern epoch, Peripheral vision, Improvisational skills, Polyphonic communication


Category: Academic Research