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Openness in Curation: The Dutch Case of Boudewijn Büch

Alex van EGMOND
IJCCI volume 1, issue 3, July 2014

Author Boudewijn Büch (1948-2002) made a considerable contribution to an open and democratic environment for curating in the Netherlands. As a bibliophile, he was not only a valuable customer to antiquarian bookshops, but also the biggest promoter of the book and of collecting in general. His success as a TV celebrity contributed greatly to this. However, he kept the public from his private collection for a long time. Only in the last two years of his life were artifacts shown in a rare exhibition and on TV where Büch irregularly made appearances. This article questions Boudewijn Büch's role in the traditional world of curating by institutions as museums and libraries on the one hand and the modern perspective on the other where the consumer becomes curator. It scrutinizes Büch’s ambivalence in being a promoter of these institutions, while denouncing the idea of public interaction and dialog.

Keywords: Curation, Boudewijn Büch, Museum


Category: Industry Insight