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The Current Business Performance of the Chinese Animation Industry: Key Structure and Emerging Themes

Zheng LIU
IJCCI volume 2, issue 2, March 2015

With the popularity of IT, creative industries with digital content have become important. Among these industries is the animation industry, which is rapidly expanding through traditional TV channels and new media. Driven by government policy and market demand, China, the largest emerging economy, is experiencing significant restructuring and growth in its animation industry. The aim of this paper is to capture the business performance of the Chinese animation industry. Based on industry review and interviews with a number of practitioners, five overarching themes are highlighted: clusters, outsourcing, licensing, networking, and internationalization. In the near future, clusters will remain as an infrastructure support for SMEs, whereas companies should develop strategies to upgrade towards original design and brand development. International collaboration is an effective approach for expanding business for some large Chinese companies. Potential research areas are proposed at the end of the paper.


Keywords: Creative industry, Chinese creative industry, Animation industry, Outsourcing, Cluster

Category: Industry Insight