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The Ignite Innovation Program: A Design-driven Model for Social Innovation from Hong Kong

IJCCI volume 2, issue 2, March 2015

Under the “one-country, two systems” policy, Hong Kong has a special position in China as a laboratory for social and economic development. Hong Kong remains a vital economic and cultural hub between East and West. In the last few decades, its economic foundation has shifted from manufacturing to financial services, real estate, and hospitality. Hong Kong also shows a commitment to move up the ladder in innovation by providing a welcoming infrastructure for entrepreneurs. In order to pull off innovation at higher levels, however, a welcoming infrastructure alone is not enough. Up-to-date models for driving innovation will be needed. The development and deployment of such models requires the support of capable leaders with a positive orientation towards risk taking. The Ignite Innovation Program offers a model for human-centered and design-driven innovation. It is a contextualized model for innovation that enables multi-disciplinary collaboration between universities and industry partners from Hong Kong, China, and overseas to deliver innovative products, services and systems solutions. The importance of the Ignite Innovation Program is that it breaks down disciplinary walls by using proven design methods and approaches. This can lead to social innovations in a multitude of areas, ranging from children’s hospitals with improved communication between patients and staff, to cross-border facilities for generating and promoting the utilization of the rich cultural heritage of a region or a country as an inspiration for contemporary design expressions. Such innovations build upon knowledge and expertise from healthcare, from the social and cultural sciences and make use of the latest technology. The Ignite Innovation Program will demonstrate the contribution of design to innovation, will nourish innovation leaders, and will provide Hong Kong with a new economic engine for meaningful innovation.


Keywords: Creative industry, Chinese creative industry, Animation industry, Outsourcing, Cluster

Category: Glocal Perspective