Current Issue

The Development of Academic Research in Cultural and Creative Industries: A Critical Examination of Current Situations and Future Possibilities

IJCCI volume 1, issue 1, September 2013

Cultural and creative industries (CCI) is an emerging field of study. Even though this emerging field has been profusely debated and widely discussed, its real research establishment has not been clearly outlined. This research aims to: 1) map the existing studies related to creative industries, cultural industries and creative economy; 2) identify the topics, authors, origins, and methods behind the CCI publications. The results show that CCI studies are imbalanced and scattered, with the lacks of empirical evidence and industry insights. CCI academic research is still in its infant stage with a lot of opportunities and challenges for improvement. This study outlines the current research development in CCI and provides guidance for future studies.

Keywords: Cultural industries, Creative industries, Creative economy


Category: Academic Research