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An Exploratory Study on Creative City from the Citizen's Point of View

Kuang-Hui PENG, Young-Miao YANG
IJCCI volume 1, issue 1, September 2013

In the development of the concept of creative city, there has been scant attention to the views of its citizens despite the fact that urban residents are the core element of a city and an important driver of urban development. It is therefore imperative that we reconstruct the concept of creative city from the citizen’s point of view. The study uses literature analysis and the Delphi Method to reassess the meaning behind the concepts of creative city and compare the traditional creative city’s vision with the creative city from the citizen’s point of view. The study finds that the concept of creative city which takes into account the views of its citizens has important differences in comparison with the traditional concept of creative city. When the views of citizens are incorporated into the creative city, it is easier to create consensus on the developmental phase and professional prejudices are reduced when planning the creative city.

Keywords: Creative city, Citizen's point of view, Delphi Method


Category: Academic Research