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The 12th Five-Year Plan and the Transformation of Economic Development from the Perspectives of Creative Industries

Wu-Wei LI

China has proposed to “promote cultural creative industries to be the backbone industry of the national economy” in its 12th Five-Year Plan. The main objective of the 12th Five-Year Plan is to transform the mode of the nation’s economic development. The promotion of cultural creative industries will not only be of benefit to the country’s soft power, but it will also be an important driving force to transform the economic development mode. The integration of cultural and creative industries is a suitable strategy that fits with the economic development characteristics of present-day China, and it is also in line with the main trend of global economic development in this post financial-crisis period.

Keywords: Cultural Policy, Economic development, Economic Transformation, The 12th Five-Year Plan, China, Creative industries


Category: Glocal Perspective


Note from editor: Li's article is available both in English and its original language of writing (Chinese).