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Festivals for Rejuvenating Attitudes toward Ageing: An Action Research

OTTAVIA, Ding-Bang LUH, and Chao-Chih HUANG
IJCCI volume 3, issue 2, March 2016

The world population is moving toward an ageing society with the increasing share of older adults. This demographic trend will intensify and continue to grow. Studies find that healthy and successful ageing can be attained when individuals have positive self-perceptions of ageing and mental preparedness from an early age. Recent studies found that people in the middle years have the lowest sense of personal well-being. In particular, those between the age of 50 and 54 have the highest level of anxiety and the lowest level of life satisfaction. However, almost no policy, actions, or social movements have been created to cater to their needs and improve their attitudes and well-being. This study proposes resetting attitudes toward ageing by creating a festival dedicated for middle-agers. The major methods applied include: (1) Conceptual Pyramid Method to formulate the theme of the festival by combining key elements of healthy and successful ageing, resulting in a musical event called ‘Celebrating our Second-half of Life’1; (2) Innovation Adoption Process to plan the series of actions and strategies for implementation; (3) Mirror Theory to switch the participants’ worries and resistance into positive motivations and willingness; and (4) In-depth interviews to evaluate the participants’ responses and changes in attitude toward ageing. The plan was implemented in a one-day festival which attracted more than 600 participants. The festival succeeded in breaking the negative stereotypes of middle-agers, creating a positive mindset about ageing, and demonstrated the ability of individuals to face challenges regardless of their age. The festival could be used as a cultural instrument to rejuvenate attitudes towards ageing and the ageing society.

Keywords: Action Research, Ageing society, Cultural festival, Society rejuvenation

Category: Academic Research


* A 6-minute video summary for the festival is available on the following link