Current Issue

The Internationalization Strategy of the Chinese Animation Industry

Zheng LIU
IJCCI volume 3, issue 2, March 2016

This study explores the internationalization strategy of Chinese animation companies. It provides in-depth case studies of two Chinese firms, each internationalizing through collaboration, albeit following different paths. One company began with technology competence, going to foreign countries by joining computer-generated production, and then expanding its business along the value chain. The other company first established comprehensive design, production, and distribution capabilities, and then considered international collaboration. The study also illustrates potential internationalization strategies for late comer animation companies. Based on the two cases, this study finds that both companies tend to adopt gradual internationalization strategies, building up competence through learning and collaboration. Trust, collective learning, and competence upgrading are found to be key success factors for international management. Other issues are addressed to compare the different reasons and paths of internationalization between leading western and Chinese firms.

Keywords: International strategy, Animation industry, Cross-cultural management, Emerging market

Category: Industry Insight