Current Issue

Internationalizing SMEs in Creative Industries via Triple Helix Strategy

Bart van BUEREN and Yi Sheng GOH
IJCCI volume 3, issue 2, March 2016

In recent years many strategies for collaboration between industry, government, and academia have been developed. Such ‘triple helix’ collaboration boosts regional innovation and has been successful in the creative industries. With increased global interaction, use of this triple helix model for collaboration between two countries is a growing trend. This paper deepens the discussion by introducing a social agent to illustrate the challenges and the potential impacts on organizations from cooperating countries. A new model based on both theory and practice is provided in this paper. It delineates the innovative role of a social agent in catalyzing the hexa-lateral collaborations. Dutch Design Post, a non-profit organization established to bridge the triple helices of Netherlands and Taiwan serves as the case example to explain the new model. This new model has wide relevance for application in other contexts.

Keywords: SME creative industries, Internationalizing Triple Helix, International collaboration, Global Production Networks

Category: Industry Insight