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Assessment of Design-driven Innovation within Botswana’s Small Creative Industries

Richie MOALOSI, Oantata SEALETSA, Olefile MOLWANE, Paulson LETSHOLO, Shorn MOLOKWANE, Chinandu MWENDAPOLE, and Matlhogonolo LETSATSI
IJCCI volume 3, issue 2, March 2016

This paper assesses whether design-driven innovation assists Botswana’s creative industries in creating added value to the products and services they offer. Evidence from the literature shows that the ability of any creative industry to successfully compete in the global market depends on how it innovates its products and services. However, this area is under-researched as none of the studies reviewed have actually attempted to explore the technical landscape of design and innovation in the creative industries in Botswana, except research in business and management innovation. Botswana is diversifying her economy from overreliance on minerals to manufacturing and tourism. Since creative industries elsewhere have proved to be the drivers of the economy, this paper investigates the role played by this sector in contributing to the diversification of the country’s economy. The results show that there is a weak link between the creative industries and research and development institutions and this has hindered the development and promotion of local technological capabilities such as the creation of sustainable high quality products and efficient services.

Keywords: Assessment, Botswana, Creative industries, Design-driven innovation, Products, Services

Category: Glocal Perspective