Current Issue

Meso Analysis of Lithuanian Creative Industries: The System Innovation Approach

IJCCI volume 4, issue 3, 2017

As creative industries are gathering more attention from policy-makers and scholars, in order to achieve competitiveness in national economy, analysis for the creative activities should be performed. The investigation of the most appropriate methods led to the system innovation as the way to evaluate synthesis of the creative industries, systems and innovation idea. The article proposes the model of creative industries evaluation by applying the System Innovation Approach as an additional element for creative industries analysis to identify the constraints in cultural and creative industries. In theoretical framework of system innovation, creative sector can be divided into three parts: production stage, output stage and the distribution stage. The model was tested on Lithuanian creative industries. Research revealed that some of the Lithuanian creative industries can become fast growing and high-impact activities. Detailed analysis of the creative process revealed that the strongest part of Lithuanian creative industries is on the output stage, but it is impossible to use all the potential of creative sector because there is weak distribution stage.


Keywords: Creative industries, System innovation, Competitiveness, Meso analysis