Current Issue

Value Creation with Creative Industries Cross-overs in the Netherlands

IJCCI volume 4, issue 3, 2017

Over the years many studies have been published on different aspects of cultural and creative industries. However, few have focused on the value of creative industries for other economic sectors or societal domains. Insights and empirical results are lacking. Using a policy perspective, this paper describes four cross-overs in the Netherlands in the retail, smart industry, healthcare, and energy sectors. Based on these four cases, a model based on three phases in the development of cross-overs is proposed. Finally, guidelines for organizing cross-overs between creative industries and other sectors are offered. Future studies could further elaborate on the development of cross-over activities in different economic and societal sectors. Statistical evidence is needed to further enhance cross-overs and to demonstrate the creative industries’ leverage for innovation.


Keywords: Value creation, Cross-over development, Creative industries