Current Issue

Nurturing Filipino Creativity: Philippine Education Policies in Support of the Creative Industries

IJCCI volume 5, issue 1, 2017

For over a decade, the creative industries have steadily transformed into avenues for boosting the Philippine economy, and have thus been recognized as one of the seven industries expected to boost growth and investment in the country. The education sector plays a key role in fueling these industries, acting as a source of fresh talent while also providing jobs for arts practitioners. In the Philippines, the educational system triumvirate (Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) works with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Department of Trade and Industry for policy development and program creation pertaining to culture, arts, and the creative industries. This paper discusses the status of existing policies through consultations with the involved sectors in culture and the arts, creative industries and education. It also recommends improvements based on the current developments in these sectors. This study reveals that: (1) the Philippine creative industries are indeed flourishing, and is already at the onset of getting full support from the government’s business and trade institutions, but structures and governance in consolidating the programs and policies of the government’s education-related institutions, cultural institutions and trade institutions should be in place; (2) sectoral collaboration among these institutions is needed to plan the critical next steps to boost the creative industries.


Keywords: Creative industries, Cultural education, Arts education