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Creative Entrepreneurialism: The Use of Social Media as a Promotional Tool for Fiction Writers

Angelique Margarita NAIRN and Sarah Joy GUMBLEY
IJCCI volume 5, issue 2, 2018

The creative industries can be fickle for creative people trying to make ends meet. There are an array of profit and sustainability issues, such as the project-nature of employment, the symbolic nature of the creative good and consequently, the possibility that the creative product will not lead to attention or income. However, the prevalence of social media can assist creative entrepreneurs by opening up a direct channel between them and their readership. Therefore, our research purpose was to explore how fiction writers use social media to communicate and promote themselves to their fans and readership. We used thematic analysis to examine the “Facebook Pages” (or profiles designed for businesses) and “Twitter feeds/ Tweets” of four female writers who are primarily publishing in the new-adult fiction genre. In essence, our research set out to consider the opportunities and potential limitations afforded writers by social media platforms and whether they conflated or assisted creative entrepreneurs in overcoming profit and sustainability issues. We identified that the authors use social media platforms to build relationships with their readership and to push the sales of their books, often by generating ‘buzz’. Additionally, the writers were frequently posting to social media to remain current and relevant in an ever-changing creative marketplace.


Keywords: Creative entrepreneurs, Writers, Social media, Promotion, Creativity, Connectivity

Category: Academic Research