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A Cross-Strait Comparison of Innovation Policies for Cultural and Creative Industries

Min-Chuan Chan, Rui-Teng Hsueh, and Yi-Chun Tsai
IJCCI volume 5, issue 2, 2018

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are an emerging industry supported by governments in many countries. Until now, the academic research in CCIs has discussed issues such as the economic role of CCIs, the development of CCIs in different regions, and cultural policy and innovation. In recent years, CCIs were regarded a positive force for industrial upgrading and economic growth in both China and Taiwan. Moreover, China and Taiwan share a similar industrial growth path given that both are attempting to transform their manufacturing-dominating industry structure via integration of CCIs. A cross-strait comparison of innovation policies for CCIs can enhance understanding, create opportunity for cross-strait collaboration, and identify gaps in the current innovation policy portfolio. Thus, this paper compares the innovation policy tools of China and Taiwan using the framework developed by Rothwell and Zegveld (1981) and offers suggestions for innovation policy design for CCIs in both countries.


Keywords: Cross-strait analysis, Cultural and creative industries, Policy tools, Innovation

Category: Industry Insight